West Tamar, George Town – Time for choosing.

West Tamar, George Town - Time for choosing.

Left, West Tamar Mayor Christina Holmdhal, Right George Town Mayor Bridget Archer

Time is quickly ending for residents of West Tamar and George Town municipal areas to vote.

In 2014 56.88% (9,580) of West Tamar Council electors voted in the local government elections. George Town produced a better result of 58.92% (3,086).

Polling closes on Tuesday 30th October 2018, however it is recommended that voting is conducted early to ensure every vote is counted.

Incumbent Mayor Christina Holmdahl of West Tamar municipality and Mayor Bridget Archer of George Town municipality are seeking reelection. Both women enjoy relative popularity in their respective communities and are expected to retain their positions.

Other candidates for Mayor in West Tamar include Mark Price, Sven Wiener and Tim Woinarski.

Tim Woinarski is the only sitting West Tamar Councillor to contest Mayor Holmdahl.

Mayor Bridget Archer faces one challenger Greg Kieser.

Greg Kieser has been described on social media as “unknown”.

22 candidates are competing for 9 councillor positions in West Tamar while 20 candidates are running in George Town for 9 councillor positions.

As of Friday the 12th of October 53,000 votes had been received statewide with 12% result from West Tamar and 16.53% result from George Town.

More information on voting and candidates can be found on www.tec.tas.gov.au

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