West Tamar Council, fights for fair share

West Tamar Council, fights for fair share

West Tamar Council successfully pasted a notice of motion moved by Mayor Holmdahl relating to the University of Tasmania’s future in Northern Tasmania. The notice of motion called to significantly enhance the current numbers of Professors and Associate Professors based in Northern Tasmania.

The motion endorsed by council supports enhancing the quality and quantum of undergraduate and post graduate programs in Launceston. Moving from a hub and spoke model emanating from Hobart, to one which better represents the northern region. Reversing the relocation of administrative roles to Hobart and relating a signification proportion of senior leadership roles positions to the north and north west.

“Since the announcement of the relocation of Launceston UTAS campus to Inveresk Council have been concerned about the course offerings and support available to northern students. I believe it is appropriate that council has an active role in lobbing for these changes, and look forward to working with the currently administration who have already started to improve opportunities for students and staff in the north.”

The goal of the University of Tasmania is to attract 10,000 students to study in Northern Tasmania once the campus relocation is fully moved to Invermay.

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