West Tamar Council extends FOGO Service to urban areas of the West Tamar

FOGO waste
FOGO waste
FOGO Waste collected by West Tamar Council

The West Tamar Council is pleased to see the extension of our Food Organics, Garden Organics (FOGO) kerbside collection service into the urban areas of Grindelwald, Rosevears, Lanena, Blackwall, Gravelly Beach, Exeter, Beaconsfield and Beauty Point.

The opt-in fortnightly kerbside collection gathers discarded food and garden waste which includes cooked or uncooked fruit and vegetables, lawn clippings, weeds, and garden leaves, for composting at the Launceston Waste Centre’s Organic Processing Facility.

“In 2018, we successfully introduced FOGO to our municipality in the highly populated areas of Trevallyn, Riverside and Legana,” West Tamar Council Mayor Christina Holmdahl said.

“We are now able to extend the service to more urban areasof our municipality, offering great value and an environmentally responsible way to deal with organic waste for those who choose to register”.

Separating FOGO material from landfill reduces the production of Methane Gas, which is around 25 times more damaging to the atmosphere than the same amount of CO2.

A $100 (2022/2023) service charge will be added to the Rates notice of those properties who register. Registrations are open now via the council website, with the first collection in extended areas by our new FOGO contractor Veolia, having commenced on the 15th July 2022.

Further information is available at www.wtc.tas.gov.au/FOGO

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