Stoney Rise Boasts Exciting new “Cellar Door of the Future” in the Tamar Valley

Lou and Joe Holyman at Stoney Rise Vineyard in the Tamar Valley
Lou and Joe Holyman at Stoney Rise Vineyard in the Tamar Valley
Above: Stoney Rise Owners Lou & Joe Holyman in the new “Cellar Door of the Future” at their Gravelly Beach winery (Photo: Supplied)

The Tamar Valley is well-known as a popular wine region of Tasmania, being home to many esteemed wineries and vineyards.

One of these esteemed wineries, Stoney Rise, now hosts what they are calling the ‘Cellar Door of the future’.

Although Stoney Rise already had a cellar door at the property, the facility was connected to their home, and offered less space than the new, modern design.

“A fancy cellar door doesn’t make the wine taste any better, nor did the small cellar door make it taste any worse.” Said Owner Lou Holyman.

In saying this though, the new cellar door offers a better experience, with customers now being able to enjoy wine by the glass, and some snack options to go with the wine.

The cellar door, which recently won a design award from the West Tamar Council, features a versatile space designed to be cosy in the winter, yet open in the summer.

“When we decided to build this, we thought outside the square and because it was new, we had an opportunity to do something different.” Said Lou.

“That’s why we’ve offered an extensive drinks list, and that’s for a couple of reasons, because cellar door wines can be a little bit boring sometimes, especially to locals who want to come out once a month for a Sunday session and might not want to drink our wine – and we get that.”

“It also enables us to share the world of wine with other people,” Said Lou, “and the wines that we like to drink ourselves.”

“To open those up to people and help educate them that there are wines out there at reasonable price points.”

There are also a large number of non-alcoholic drinks available for those still wanting to socialise over a drink and enjoy the space without the alcohol.

So far, said Lou, the public response to the new cellar door had been really positive, with both locals and tourists being able to come and enjoy the wines, and views.

Although the COVID-19 Pandemic has had an impact on the business, Lou said they were grateful for the support they have since received after having to shut the cellar door for five months.

“When we opened in August, we were really well supported both by the locals, and from around the state.

The new Stoney Rise Cellar Door is open for business, however capacity limits due to the pandemic are still in place.

“It’s a place where you can stay for as little or as long as you like, you can come in and do a self-guided wine flight and taste 4 wines alongside each other, or if you want to call in for a sneaky glass on your way to the beach, there’s that option there as well.”

“By no means are we a winery restaurant, but we have amazing snacks that compliment our wines and drinks list.”

“We don’t expect a lot from people, just to use the space like they would their own yard.”

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