St John Ambulance finds a home in Mowbray at new fit-for-purpose facility

St John Ambulance finds a home in Mowbray at new fit-for-purpose facility

St John Ambulance, a renowned name in the industry of first aid training, supplies and emergency care, continues to redefine healthcare excellence after a recent move four months ago to their new fit-for-pur­pose facility located at 330 Invermay Road, Mowbray.

Continuing their legacy of excellence, St John Am­bulance celebrated their 140th anniversary in June, highlighting their enduring commitment to the com­munity and remarkable journey, with the hope it would serve as a platform to underscore the vital im­portance of first aid for all, increasing awareness about equipping individuals with necessary knowledge and skills for crucial emergency assistance.

St John was established in Australia through the deliv­ery of first aid to Victorian railway and early industry workers in 1883. The initial training of ‘railway men’ occurred through local Association Centres, and then later through their own Railway Association Cen­tres. This transition then segued into the purchase of first aid books, bandages, and training resources from St John England, which continued until 1967.

This signified the beginning of St John Ambulance ser­vices in Australia, driven by the community’s needs.

The popularity of First Aid grew rapidly, leading to the formation of Volunteer-led Brigades in 1887 to further expand their reach to the masses.

With 140 years of experi­ence in Australia, St John Ambulance has earned a reputation as industry leaders, consistently setting a benchmark of excellence in first aid training. The organization is supported by a dedicated and passionate network of volunteers who demonstrate unwavering commitment to keeping the Tasmanian community safe through the provision of first aid services.

Over the decades, St John has grown to become a large national organisation reach­ing every state and territory.

Now part of an internation­al network spanning across 44 countries worldwide, St John Ambulance emphasiz­es the opportunity for col­lective celebration of their numerous services and the positive impacts achieved within their diverse com­munities. Furthermore, there is an opportunity for unity to acknowledge the dedication and commit­ment demonstrated by over 20,000 volunteers and staff nationwide.

Motivated by the goal of es­tablishing a modern facility suitable for their needs, St John Ambulance made the decision to move to the new Mowbray location.

The new fit-for-purpose facility will not only serve as a venue for first aid training but also house their supplies store and Scooters and Mobility, their dedicated mobility aid store.

As a registered not-for-profit organization, every purchase made with St John, whether it’s a training course, a first aid kit, or even a scooter from Scoot­ers and Mobility, directly contributes to supporting the community.

The relocation has provided St John Ambulance with large new training rooms offering a comfortable experience for their partic­ipants along with allowing them the opportunity to adequately practice social distancing.

Looking to the future, St John Ambulance hope to expand their community care programs that provide support to community members to live a more independent lifestyle. The community care program offers clients transport to medical appointments, shopping and a friendly visit to the client’s home to provide company to those who are feeling lonely.

With a goal to ensure every Tasmanian, young or old, is equipped with lifesav­ing first aid skills, St John Ambulance hope to expand their First Aid in Schools program too. The First Aid in Schools program delivers first aid education to children from Kinder to Year 7. As of December 2022, over 12,000 children received first aid training through the program which is offered at no cost to the school.

“St John has been helping Australian communities stay safe through first aid for 140 years, and here at St John Ambulance Tasmania it is our mission to make every Tasmanian safer by equipping them with essen­tial life-saving skills.” Said CEO Andrew Paynter.

St John Ambulance recently unveiled survey findings indicating that around 72% of Australians have encoun­tered a health or medical emergency, while more than half of those individuals expressed a lack of confi­dence in their capacity to administer first aid during such circumstances.

More than half of those who witnessed a health or medi­cal emergency had provided first aid to someone during the emergency.

Results also found that those who had undertaken first aid training in the past 3 years were significantly more likely, than those who haven’t, to have confidence in their ability to provide care in an emergency (74% compared to 31%).

“We urge anyone who might be thinking about doing their fist aid for the first time, or those who need to brush up their skills, to not delay. The uncomfortable truth is that emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime. And you might just make the difference in saving someone’s life.”

At St John Ambulance’s new Mowbray location, you will find everything necessary to ensure your safety and maintain your indepen­dence.

With a comprehensive range of services available under one roof, you can benefit from expert first aid train­ing and access high-quality first aid supplies.

Additionally, you can explore St John’s NDIS registered Scooters and Mobility store, which offers state-of-the-art scooters and a wide array of mobility and rehabilitation aids.

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