“Shocking” new addition to Sidmouth Hall


When a person suffers a cardiac arrest, every minute counts to preserve life and with the fast application of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), the survival outcomes significantly improve.

By securing funding through the West Tamar Rotary Club and receiving a government grant, the Sidmouth Community Hall is now the home of a new AED.

The AED was purchased through St John Ambulance who provided a training session to the community members on how to use the device in the event of an emergency.

St John Ambulance representative Clare Murray said they currently stock a variety of different AED’s that are on the market, and they do their best to source the machine chosen by the purchaser.
“The more we can get out there the better.”

Sidmouth Hall Committee member Lorraine Gardiner said there were no other AED’s nearby and the closest one that she was aware of was as far away as Beaconsfield.

The hall hosts several different activities including table tennis, meetings, cabarets and concerts.
Lorraine said she hoped the hall would have a more homely feel and hoped the community would continue to embrace it.

AEDs can be registered through Ambulance Tasmania as part of the Early Access to Defibrillation program and can be used to respond to a nearby alert of a cardiac arrest.

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