Santa not letting the pandemic stop Christmas

Santa a Batman Bridge
Santa a Batman Bridge
ABOVE: Santa pictured at Batman Bridge, in the Tamar Valley

The pandemic has had an overwhelming impact on all of us, and children are no exception. With interruptions to school and home life, it’s welcome news that Santa will not be letting the pandemic get in the way of Christmas.

Speaking to Santa over the phone he reassured us that the children of the Tamar Valley will still receive their visit this Christmas Eve, with the Tamar Valley being one of his favourite places to deliver presents to.

“Comet and Prancer have an obsession with flying under the Batman Bridge, while Dasher and Dancer love to take a detour through the Launceston Cataract Gorge, and Blitzen loves to visit the Low Head Lighthouse.”  

“Having a magical sleigh, and 12 reindeer means I’m not impacted by the lack of international flights.” Said Santa.

“I’ve been speaking with all the governments of the world and have been granted exemptions to carry out my deliveries this Christmas.”

When asked how he intends to stay safe, Santa said he has always taken safety seriously, and is adding extra precautions for this year.

“I always wear gloves, even before the pandemic,” said Santa, “but this year I’ve also hired more elves to produce extra gloves, and hand sanitiser, so that I can change my gloves and clean my hands in between each delivery.”

Mrs Clause echoed these statements, “Santa is always very clean and careful, and we have even more safety measures in place for this Christmas.”

Speaking to the Chief Elf at the North Pole, we were assured that all elves were taking good care of their health, and that the pandemic had not reached the North Pole, so the elves were able to continue making presents while the rest of the world was in quarantine, meaning there will be no shortage of gifts.

“Even the reindeer have been tested for COVID-19,” added Santa, “They are all in perfect health, although the health professionals testing Rudolf said they had never seen a nose so red!”

Santa said that just like every year, children should make a special effort to go to bed on time on Christmas eve.

“I know it’s an exciting night but going to bed on time helps me make all of my deliveries while you’re asleep.”

Santa finished by saying it’s important to remember that Christmas is not just about gifts, and that spending time with those you love is what matters the most.

“Make the most of being with your friends and family at Christmas,” said Santa, “and remember that not everyone has an enjoyable time at Christmas, so spare a thought for those who might not be as fortunate, and be kind to others.”

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