Rotary comes to the rescue

Rotary Rescues
Rotary Rescues
A HELPING HAND: Sarah Dockrell (Left) with Mandy Cooper (Right), weeding the garden for a Rotary Rescues client. (PHOTO: Zac lockhart)

The good work of local rotary clubs in the Tamar Valley has been a staple of community for many decades now, and new program ‘Rotary Rescues’ is set to increase their impact.

While for most of us, weeding the garden or assembling a clothesline represent mundane chores, but for someone who’s incapacitated, suffering from an illness, or disabled, these tasks represent a mammoth-sized challenge. That’s where a team of Rotary volunteers come in, to help those needing a helping hand.

Rotary Rescues is a new program run by the Rotary Club of West Tamar, aimed at helping locals who are temporarily incapacitated, or in the process of applying for funding for more sustainable support. They offer one-off assistance with a task which the client can not manage on their own, rather than a regular commitment for ongoing services.

Sarah Dockrell, a volunteer with the Rotary club of West Tamar said her personal motivation for volunteering with the program was a result of her business work in the community.

“I work a lot with elderly people, and I’m often privy to seeing what’s getting out of control in their homes, and I just felt like we’ve got the potential to do something helpful.” Said Ms Dockrell.

Similarly, for local pharmacist and Rotary volunteer Mandy Cooper, it’s all about helping others.

“I’m a pharmacist, so my whole working life I’ve seen the same.”

“I think we don’t look after our aged people as much as we should.” Said Ms Cooper.

The team are looking for more volunteers, stating that it would be well suited to anyone who might want to help out from time to time, without being committed to regular voluntary service.

To volunteer, you will need to register as a friend of Rotary. Those wishing to help but not able to volunteer may still be able to assist through donating equipment to the team, and are encouraged to contact the Rotary Club of West Tamar.

Examples of the tasks Rotary Rescues may be able to help with include weeding & gardening, cleaning, tip runs, cooking, painting, mending, handyman tasks, advocacy and form-filling.

For more information on Rotary Rescues, to volunteer or to request their help in the West Tamar region, call Sarah on 0498 652 127.

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