Revving Up Education: Tasmania’s F1 in Schools™ Technology Challenge 2023

Revving Up Education: Tasmania's F1 in Schools™ Technology Challenge 2023

On Wednesday, September 27, 2023, Tasmania witnessed an exhilarating showcase of young talent and innovation as teams from across the state competed in the highly anticipated F1 in Schools™ Technology Challenge.

Managed by the Re-Engineering Australia Foundation (REA) and generously supported by Bell Bay Aluminium, this event saw over 100 ambitious students participate in a high-speed, high-tech competition like no other.

In this captivating challenge, teams consisting of three to five students from various age groups, spanning from Years 5 to 12, immersed themselves in the world of cutting-edge Three-Dimensional CAD/CAM technologies.

Their mission: to design, test, manufacture, and race miniature CO2-powered balsa wood F1 cars. What sets this competition apart is the utilization of real-world technology mirroring that used by Formula 1 teams and vehicle manufacturers.

The gas-powered mini-racers displayed astonishing speeds, surging past 80 kilometers per hour and covering the track in a jaw-dropping less than 1.5 seconds.
Beyond the thrill of the race, the F1 in Schools™ Technology Challenge is a holistic educational experience.

The program focuses on developing long-term employability skills, ensuring that students not only excel in technology but also hone crucial abilities such as leadership, team building, project management, public speaking, marketing, and collaboration.

Teams dedicated countless hours, both in and out of school, meticulously designing, constructing, and rigorously testing their miniature F1 masterpieces.

Bell Bay Aluminium’s General Manager, Richard Curtis, commented on the significance of this initiative, saying, “This exciting program continues to provide Tasmanian students with a unique opportunity to build valuable skills in a supportive environment.”

“The skills and knowledge learned through the program help build interest in careers in STEM.”

“Students develop their employability skills and enhance their career self-efficacy. We’re proud to have the opportunity to support those students involved.”

The teams faced a formidable panel of judges, composed of independent and experienced experts from Bell Bay Aluminium, the University of Tasmania, TasNetworks, and Liberty Bell Bay.

These judges meticulously assessed the teams against a set of rigorous criteria, ultimately determining the winners who will have the honor of competing in the National Final in 2024.

Tasmanian schools have a remarkable track record of success in the F1 in Schools™ program at both national and international levels, showcasing the talent and dedication of the state’s young innovators.

This year’s event not only celebrated their achievements but also laid the foundation for even greater feats in the world of STEM and innovation.

As the sun set on the F1 in Schools™ Technology Challenge 2023, Tasmania looked forward to a brighter future, where the boundless potential of its youth continues to drive the state towards excellence and innovation.

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