Red Rocket Framing team settling into busy life in Exeter! 

Red Rocket Framing team settling into busy life in Exeter! 

How time flies! After opening in March 2022, Red Rocket Framing in Exeter is about to reach it’s first year milestone. The Tamar Valley News caught up with Jason and Mona to hear about their adventures coming from Sydney and starting their new life in Exeter. 

‘We were operating our strata maintenance business in Western Sydney and doing well but weren’t happy living in Sydney. It was too big, noisy and dirty. We were looking for a change and came down to Hobart for a weekend and fell in love with Tassie. Just over a year later we were packing a container and applying for a pass. Once we had that, it was a long drive followed by a lovely passage on the Spirit. Unfortunately, 2 weeks of quarantine in East Devonport was next and then we were here!’ 

Like so many people who make the move to Beautiful Tasmania, Jason and Mona already had ties to the State through family, as Jason explains.  

‘My sister and her family had moved to Grindelwald about 6 months earlier and we stayed with them while we got settled. The original plan was to start another strata maintenance business here but one day in Exeter we saw the old vet clinic up for lease. After struggling to cross the main road, we realised it might be a good place to set up a business. I have nearly 40 years’ experience in the picture framing industry and so Red Rocket Framing was born.’ 

The couple have been made to feel very welcome in the West Tamar area as they get more and more connected with the surprising number of activities and community events happening here. 

‘Now a year on we feel part of the community.’  

‘Mona has joined the Exeter Art Society and the Woodworking Guild while I have been invited to join the West Tamar Business group.’ 

‘Everyone has been so nice and friendly to us that we feel vindicated in our decision to move here. A big bonus was moving in to the house next door to the shop, no more 45 minute Sydney commutes, a 30 second walk and we are at work!’  

With 30 years’ experience and many examples in their Exeter showroom of outstanding craftmanship not to mention their excellent reviews both online and through word of mouth, it’s little wonder that Red Rocket Framing are in demand throughout the Tamar Valley and beyond.   

‘Red Rocket has been very well received with many comments along the lines of “I was so happy to see you opening up in little old Exeter” and “So nice to see a quality specialty business opening here.” The local artists and photographers have been taking advantage of our large format fine art printer, in most cases saving them the need to get things done in Hobart. Sports memorabilia framing has been in high demand with AFL shirts galore to be framed and we even did a lot of work for the Special Olympics National Games in Launceston last year.’ Said Jason. 

As this article was being written, Jason was busy preparing for the Exeter Show, but was still more than happy to make time for a chat. We wish Jason and Mona all the very best for continued happiness and success in their new venture in the Tamar Valley.  

For any of your custom picture framing services, fine art and photographic printing services, such as frames, posters, prints, certificates, sporting awards and memorabilia and any other such projects please don’t hesitate to call Jason or Mona on (03) 6706 9920 by email at or pop into the store during trading hours at the old vet building at 63 West Tamar Highway, Exeter. 

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