Permit finalised for rental e-Scooter

Permit finalised for rental e-Scooter

The City of Launceston has voted to issue a permit to e-Scooter provider Beam to operate in the city, following a 12-month trial of rental e-Scooters in Launceston. 

The decision follows the Council’s Personal Micro-Mobility (e-Scooter) Trial Review and Recommendations report, which was received at the February 23 Council Meeting. 

Rental e-Scooters were introduced in Launceston in December 2021, following regulatory changes from the State Government which allow both private and rental e-scooters to be used on most local roads, footpaths and cycling trails across the State. 

The City of Launceston and the City of Hobart worked with the State Government and private operators Beam and Neuron on the trial, with Neuron ultimately choosing to close its operations in Launceston to focus on larger mainland cities. 

City of Launceston Acting Mayor Matthew Garwood said the trial had allowed the Council to work with e-Scooter providers to understand and limit problems arising from the use of rental e-Scooters. 

“The trial also allowed the Council to consider a really wide range of feedback on rental e-Scooters from the community, riders, groups, organisations and relevant stakeholders,” Cr Garwood said. 

“A number of the recommendations we received have been incorporated into the permit system, including a requirement that the provider oversees proper education on the use and risks associated with e-Scooters, as well as public safety campaigns, and new reporting requirements.” 

“The permit restricts rental e-Scooter use to the same boundaries that were used in the trial period, and also allows future options for restrictive parking — which would require e-Scooters to be parked in dedicated spaces within the CBD, minimising instances of e-Scooters being left in obstructive locations on footpaths.” 

“The trial highlighted that e-Scooters have been embraced by many Launceston residents, who use them to commute, to move around the city, and to access shops and businesses.” 

“This process has benefitted greatly from the feedback from the people of Launceston, both positive and negative, and I want to thank everyone who engaged with us throughout the trial period.” 

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