OPINION: Community concerned about rising power bills


By Michelle O’Byrne, Labor Member for Bass

The cost of living in Tasmania is pushing more and more households to the brink, with the latest increase coming from rising power prices. On the 1st of July power prices jumped a staggering 11.88 per cent, which is an average of $227 a year. Families are bearing the brunt of this increased cost of living, with petrol and groceries large contributing factors.

Labor Member for Bass Michelle O’Byrne recently visited Ravenswood to speak with locals about their experience with the unbearable cost of living crisis in Tasmania.

“Tasmanians are on the front line of an electricity bill crisis, with the choice between heating and eating becoming more and more a reality,” Ms O’Byrne said.

“The stories that I have heard from Ravenswood just shows the depth of this crisis. The people of Bass are hurting from Guy Barnett’s failed promises.

“It’s unacceptable that people are choosing between heating and eating in the very worst situations.

“Out here in Ravenswood the people are resilient, and the community always comes together in times of hardship.

“Guy Barnett and the Rockliff-Ferguson Government need to support our bill that would cap power prices at 2.5 per cent to help Tasmanian households now.

“Labor will continue to stand up for households and we have started a petition to take to the Parliament to cap power prices.

“You can sign the petition at https://taslabor.com/stop-the-power-bill-shock/, or visit your local Tasmanian Labor MP at their electorate office.”

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