New ‘Green Loans’ to make it easier to make your home more energy efficient

New 'Green Loans' to make it easier to make your home more energy efficient

Tasmanians interested in investing to make their homes more energy efficient now have any easier way to do so.

A new partnership between Tasmanian organisations Aurora Energy and Bank of us was launched in late October, offering Tasmanians low-rate personal loans for a range of energy efficient products for amounts up to $80,000.

Eligible purchases for a Green Loan include solar panels, solar batteries, double glazing for windows, energy efficient appliances, rain water tanks, home insulation as well as electric vehicles.

Bank of us CEO Paul Ranson said it made sense to partner with another 100 per cent Tasmanian organisation to help deliver the Green Loan.

“As the only Tasmanian customer-owned bank, we’re excited to be joining forces with Aurora Energy to give Tasmanians the opportunity to purchase more energy efficient products with a Green Loan,” Mr Ranson said.

“The launch of the Green Loan is part of our longer-term plan towards developing our environmental sustainability.”

Aurora acting CEO Oliver Cousland said the retailer was committed to helping customers become more energy efficient.

“We’ve been a long-time supporter of initiatives that enable our customers to purchase energy efficient products that ultimately help reduce their energy bills,” Mr Cousland said.

“A Green Loan is another way Tasmanians can access these products to make cost-effective differences to their energy running costs.

“We encourage any Tasmanian who has been wanting to make practical changes within their homes to help improve their energy efficiency to enquire.”

To apply for a Green Loan, go to

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