New fire danger ratings help people prepare for bushfire

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Fires can be unexpected – be prepared this fire season.(PHOTOS: Red Hot Tips Program)
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A new and nationally consistent fire danger rating system was launched across Australia on 1 September 2022. It has been imple­mented in Tasmania by the Tasmania Fire Service. The system provides clearer and more accurate information to people at risk of bushfire.

The new Australian Fire Danger Rating System (AFDRS) brings togeth­er the latest science and knowledge of fire behaviour. Supported by extensive community research, AF­DRS is the most significant change to the fire danger ratings system in more than 50 years.

Under the previous system, fire danger ratings were based largely on forest and grass fire models. The new system uses eight different types of vegetation, which have been mapped across Australia. Based on fuel types, a further 22 sub-cat­egories support the sys­tem, meaning we can look forward to more accurate predictions.

What you’ll need to know:
The new Australian Fire Danger Rating System forecasts the potential level of risk – before a bushfire starts.
Ratings are calculated using weather forecast and vegeta­tion information.

The display of daily ratings has been simplified. Four levels of fire danger rating will be used, with clear actions for people to take at each level.

  • Moderate (Green) – Plan and prepare
  • High (Yellow) – Be ready to act
  • Extreme (Orange) – Take action now to protect life and property
  • Catastrophic (Red) – For your survival, leave bush fire risk areas

No rating (White section under Moderate) – means if a fire does start, it is not likely to threaten the safety of the community.

You will find daily fire dan­ger ratings on both the Tas­mania Fire Service (www. and Bureau of Meteorology ( websites. As in the past, the daily fire danger rating tables will show forecast fire danger based on fire weather areas. The maps provided by the TFS will show a finer scale and so give more local detail.

Fire Permits and Total Fire Ban declarations will be made by the Tasmania Fire Service in the usual way.

What to do:
Know the changes, they could save your life. Make sure your fire safety plans are up to date. Go to:

It is never too early to begin preparations to protect your property, and most impor­tantly, the lives of those you love.

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