New Art project aims to connect young people with local organisations and the older generation

Photo of one of the doors
Photo of one of the doors
LEFT-TO-RIGHT: Cheryl Alleyn, Kim Reynolds, Michael Alleyn and Mandy Cooper with one of the doors. (PHOTO: Supplied)

The West Tamar Council’s Youth Department is excited to announce their latest art project Smile, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of West Tamar Inc. and the Beaconsfield Men’s Shed.

Smile is a series of miniature doors designed and painted by youth from Beaconsfield, Exeter and Legana, adorned with personal quotes and original artwork.

The doors will encourage patrons to stop and smile whilst viewing the artwork at the Irene Phelps Youth Art Competition and Exhibition in Beaconsfield in late November.

The art competition and exhibition has sparked interest in the community, with local members from the Rotary Club of West Tamar forming a committee to help organise the event and many local organisations reaching out to help with the project.

“There is a strong sense of community for this project and everyone loves having the opportunity to help our youth,” Mayor Christina Holmdahl said.

“With so many gifted young artists in the West Tamar, we wanted to create an opportunity for them to have their work seen by the public and to gain exposure”.

Part of the West Tamar Council’s Youth Strategy is to connect young people with local organisations and the older generation. This has been achieved through working with the Rotary Club of West Tamar and the Beaconsfield Men’s Shed for the competition and exhibition.

The Beaconsfield Men’s Shed members are making the miniature doors for Smile and their valuable knowledge and skills have been important in developing the project.

The Men’s Shed’s Michael Alleyn said, “the Shed, which is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, is a space where you can learn new skills, be involved in community projects, get advice, or just come and share a laugh. It’s a great opportunity for men of all ages to connect, especially if they want to do creative woodworking projects or just gain friendly advice.

We would love more young men to come along and take a look at what we do.”

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