Meet Adam Page – Our Local Legend for May 2021

Adam Page - Who runs Humans of Launceston
Adam Page - Who runs Humans of Launceston
LOCAL LEGEND: Adam Page was nominated for his contributions to the community via the Humans of Launceston Facebook Page, and in the Aged Care Industry. (Photo: Zac Lockhart)

Tamar Valley News is proud to award Adam Page as our ‘Local Legend’ for May 2021, an award aimed at recognising community members for the contributions they make to their community.

From working as a lifestyle co-ordinator, to cataloguing people’s life story on the popular Facebook Page ‘Humans of Launceston’, Adam is no stranger to giving back.

Adam held a number of jobs in various industries, before deciding to change pathway, and go into aged care, and he hasn’t looked back.

“I’ve done everything from truck driving to singing, labouring, construction, road construction and railways.” Said Mr Page.

“I went back to school and now I use the talents that I’ve got to enjoy my job.”

“I’ve been at Cadorna House in Riverside now for just over a year. It’s my first job as a coordinator, before that I was a lifestyle assistant.”

“I got into that area of work because I really enjoy the company of elderly people, I always have, I also enjoy being kind to people on a daily basis and that job, and my role in particular, allows me to be kind, patient and provide fun.”

Adam said the aged care industry had been experiencing a lot of criticism lately, however he stated this had not been his experience.

With all the activities that Adam organises for the residents, he says they have a lot of fun together.

“I love the residents, I love the enthusiasm they bring to my activities, and the ones they choose to do.”

Mr Page said the residents do everything from art therapy to bus trips throughout the Tamar Valley which is where most of them grew up.

The West Tamar Council are currently hosting an art exhibition in their main foyer with some of the artwork produced by the residents, something Adam says has never happened before.

“It’s always been for established artists so to have our art therapy class have their artworks up on the wall for sale and for the public to see, it’s been fantastic.”

“The reaction for the residents who are a part of it was just fantastic. The satisfaction of seeing their own creativity up on the wall and people buying it and being really enthusiastic and positive about it, it was worth just that.”

The residents also enjoy other activities like concerts, bingo and footy tipping along with exercise classes twice a week.

“We try and keep the residents stimulated from morning and afternoon. Of course, they get to choose their level of participation which is fine. Some people like to only do things in the morning and vice-versa so there’s something for everybody, it’s a very diverse plan that we do.”

Adam said he started the Facebook page ‘Humans of Launceston’ after having a conversation with an old gentleman, by simply asking how his was going.

Adam recalled the man who looked lonely sitting on a park bench claiming nobody wanted to talk to him. After a conversation that lasted 15 minutes or so, he felt inspired to record this man’s life story.

“His life was a fascinating tale of war, great success, failed marriages and 11 children, he’s a fascinating man.”

After giving the man a copy of what he had written, Adam said the man was very happy and was in disbelief someone would take the time to do such a thing.

“It just got me thinking, there’s a lot of elderly people out there who are unheard, who’s stories will go with them when they die, who’s families are probably sick of hearing the same old stories and don’t bother writing it down or documenting their memories, so I started doing it.”

Adam estimates that out of the 160 people he has interviewed over the last 5 or 6 years, at least 30-40 people have since passed away, with some using his stories about them as eulogies at their funeral.

“The families keep it as a keep sake for a great memory. I get a lot of satisfaction out of that.”

“I do it purely for the passion of storytelling and validating people’s memories and letting them feel like they’ve been heard.”

Adam doesn’t charge any money for his storytelling and also incorporates this into his work in aged care when putting together care plans for residents, so all new staff know each resident’s story.

“I think it’s very important that people with dementia are also recognised and heard and have their stories validated as well. I do that through their family and friends.”

After running ‘Humans of Launceston’, Adam said he was led into aged cared because of his love for spending time with the elderly. After starting out in a nursing course and pulling out after 6 months, Adam was pointed in the direction of aged care. “It took me 46 years virtually to find the job of my dreams and here I am, I love it.”

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of disruption for everyone last year. Adam stated he normally interviews between 20-30 people a year which was massively slowed down last year due to the pandemic, opting instead to connect with people electronically.

“I deviated from the life story and just talked about the COVID pandemic and how it was impacting them and their families and their work. It was really good and I loved it, I only did about 6 people because next thing we were out of lockdown after a few months which was great.”

With another interview already lined up, Adam said he was very keen for everyone to read it.

Aside his work in Aged Care, Adam is kept very busy by his passion for singing, that started when he was in his early twenties, doing approximately 100 gigs a year.

“I do the Adam Page Rock and Roll show as a soloist and I play everything from ACDC to Kenny Rogers, I do a lot of country, sixties, seventies, eighties all the good pub rock people want to hear when they have a few beers.”

Representing Tasmania, Adam has previously travelled to the Elvis Parks Festival every year and had the opportunity to sing in front of thousands of people.

“I’m an Elvis tribute artist, I like to call myself, rather than an Impersonator, but I stopped doing that now.”

“I grew a beard, Elvis never had a blonde beard.”

Adam says singing is a massive part of his life and he considers music to be immensely powerful.

“I sing a lot of songs, sometimes I just break out into song halfway through an activity. Singing and music are vital tools in the aged care sector. Even people with dementia, the last part of their memories that go is their childhood. So any music they know from their younger years, they’re straight into it signing from the top of their lungs.”

Whilst there is a lot of work available for anyone wishing to get into the aged care sector, Adam says it’s not an easy industry to be a part of and it takes the right type of person to do the job.

“You have to be patient, you have to have empathy, you have to be willing to listen, you have to always be respectful.”

“I’m lucky because the qualities I have as a person just suit aged care. A lot of people I work with are the same, just good people. Just good, kind people who love their job and get a lot of satisfaction from it.”

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5 thoughts on “Meet Adam Page – Our Local Legend for May 2021”

    1. Amazing story Adam ????You did my dad’s (Allan Bransden ) story 4 years ago and I just used most of it for dads eulogy at his funeral on Friday! So grateful Dad had this opportunity ??

  1. Felicity Foot

    Finally the story behind the lovely stories that I really look forward to reading. Thank you Adam, I have read a few to my father (George Harding) who is 93, and has lived and worked in Launceston all his life. He often can relate to many of the people and areas you talk about.
    Thanks again

  2. Lovely story in the Tamar Valley News . I’ve followed your work / life journeys and it wonderful to see how much you love what you do . I am so proud of you . Love Mum xxx
    P.S.I know you got your voice from me (NOT!!!)ha ha ha!

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