Local Producers Team Up to sell Direct to Consumers

The Tasmanian Produce Collective
Local Producers Team Up to sell Direct to Consumers
Left-to-right: Larna Pittiglio, Jordan Grieves, Katt Ferrero & Kim Croker of the Tasmanian Produce Collective.
(Photo: Zac Lockhart)

A collaboration between local farmers has seen local produce become increasingly accessible and convenient for those in the Tamar Valley.

The Tasmanian Produce Collective brings together a group of local producers and offers them the chance to sell their fresh produce to the public, cutting out the middle-man.

Larna Pittiglio, Chair of the Tasmanian Produce Collective said that with roughly 20 to 25 producers already onboard, they have something to offer for everyone.

“We have a whole range of produce available, everything for your day to day eating from breakfast through to dinner.”

The Tasmanian Produce Collective works by allowing customers to order their produce online, and then collect it fresh from the local producers themselves.

While conversations were already being had about a need for a produce collective, the events of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the growing demand for “click & collect” style shopping helped ignite the formation of the group.

“When COVID happened, obviously the farmers market and everything got shut down, we thought well now’s the time to really get it going”

Katt Ferrero, from Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs, a member of the Tasmanian Produce Collective, said it’s a good opportunity for consumers to get to know where their produce is coming from.

“You get to know where your food comes from which I think is so important because it’s fresher, it’s local and you know where it comes from, you know how it’s been produced.”

“For example, with our eggs people can ask us questions about how they’re raised, they can see our farm is just half an hour away from the Tamar Valley, so I guess you get that direct connection to your food and where it comes from, which you don’t get just picking something off the supermarket shelf.”

For Kim Croker, one of the Farmers who initiated the concept, it’s more than just another opportunity to sell her produce.

“It’s nice and easy for customers, they don’t just come to my farm and get my products, they can get there delicious veg, eggs and everything else.”

Customers interested in shopping with the Tasmanian Produce Collective can buy their products online, and then choose to click and collect from one of the convenient locations in the Tamar Valley.

If you are interested to learn more, you can visit www.tasproduceco.com.au

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