Local Gallery showcases best that Tasmanian
Woodworkers have to offer

Woodworkers Gallery
Woodworkers Gallery
Surrounded by handmade beauty (PHOTO: Regan Summers)

Many Tasmanians have a wide range of artistic skills and interests, although, it can be difficult to find a place to view local Tasma­nian art. The Sculptured Gallery at Clarence Point, however, is a place where visitors can view wood sculptures and artwork that make use of Tasmania’s natural beauty.

Small businesses, such as this one, offer a personal experience that is import­ant when viewing artworks which invoke feelings and emotions.

Owned by locals Roy and Peta Soundranayagam and first opened in 2015, the Sculptured Gallery is a beautiful building filled with fantastic artwork from artists all over Tasmania.

The wooden sculptures range from tables to animal sculptures, to large pieces that immediately grab your attention when walking through the door.

“We have one off pieces of art that you won’t see else­where,” said Peta. She con­tinued “we don’t have any mass-produced items, we have a variety of artists who put things in the gallery and they are quite unique.”

The artworks submitted to the gallery are unique in that they vary in size, shape, the type of wood used, and more. The focus on local art allows the gallery to feel uniquely Tasmanian, with the knowledge that all the works within its walls are made from Tasmanian wood by Tasmanians who know and love the island. This sense of belonging gives each and every piece a feeling of being a part of Tasmania’s land.

All of the artwork is made with local woods such as Huon Pine, Tasmanian Sassafras and Tasmanian Myrtle amongst many more. This connection to the great forests of our island is important as a cultural connection to the very land which we live on today. Being able to make fantastic artwork from the surround­ings of our island home is an important part of our cultural identity as Tasma­nians.

A multitude of the pieces are up for sale, with Peta saying that the large pieces would be perfect for a foyer area.

Many of the large pieces could serve as a fantastic statement piece in a home, whereas many small pieces would make great gifts or additions to any space. From practical pieces such as tables and mirrors to the flashier pieces that can com­mand the interior design of a space, there is something for everyone.

The Sculptured Gallery is open to adding more sculp­tures, although not every piece may be suitable for display.

“They (artists) can contact us and if it is something that we can look after properly and not get damaged, then we can put it on consign­ment here.”

“I love being able to pro­mote Tasmania to tourists. We get people come in and they’re so amazed at the countryside and the beauty and then they see the timberwork and they think it’s stunning. They want to take some things home to remind them of Tasmania.”

More information about the gallery can be found at www.sculpturedgallery.com.au/

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