Legana Primary School takes shape before the eyes of the local community

Legana Primary School takes shape before the eyes of the local community

Amidst Legana’s vibrant community, the eagerly awaited school project which was announced over 12 months ago has steadily begun to take shape, forging ahead toward its grand opening which is expected to be completed in the second half of 2024. 

With construction well underway, the once empty block of land now features largely completed steel and timber framing for the general learning area buildings, with preparations of the slab for the administration building now in progress. 

Community reactions appear to be nothing short of enthusiastic, with Member for Bass, Simon Wood MP, affirming that the feedback he received has been positive.  

“The feedback I’ve been getting, from particularly people in Legana, Riverside, and Grindelwald, they’re thrilled and they’re thrilled with how quickly it has sprung up out of the ground and there’s a lot of community excitement around this project that’s for sure.” 

Minister for Education, Children and Youth, Roger Jaensch, visited the site last month and said it was fantastic to see the progress made so far on the $33.7 million facility. 

“We had you out here in March this year when it was the site for the new Legana Primary School, now it is the building site for the new Legana Primary School. We’ve got the project up out of the ground, it’s taking shape around us and those who have been looking at the master plan for the last couple of years will see, now that there are buildings, living out the promise of what we’ve been talking with the community.” 

“Legana is one of the fastest growing areas in Tasmania, and this new state-of-the-art primary school delivers on the Liberal Government’s commitment to support this growing community,” Minister Jaensch said. 

Minister Jaensch confirmed the construction team had unearthed new learning spaces designed for various groups, with another area earmarked for the construction of a new multi-purpose hall. 

Beyond that, the government is actively investing with the West Tamar Council in new sporting infrastructure, which will be utilized by both the school and the community as well. 

“We are investing in our young people in this growing region to give them the educational facilities they deserve.” 

The school was designed by Tasmanian architects Cumulus Studio in collaboration with the project team and the West Tamar Council and will be constructed by Vos Construction and Joinery. 

Minister Jaensch said the development of the master plan for the school was shaped through extensive community and stakeholder consultation. 

“Legana Primary School includes learning spaces for up to 350 students, outdoor learning areas, a multi-purpose hall, and an onsite oral health clinic,” Minister Jaensch said. 

Minister Jaensch further stated that whilst building works at the new school are powering on, important planning and development is also underway to ensure a smooth opening for students in 2025. 

“We’re in the process right now of recruiting a new principal, through next year we will be communicating with parents of the Grindelwald and Legana areas about the process for enrolment with their children in this new primary school which will open its doors in 2025.” 

“Developing a school identity is an important step in the creation of a new school – building recognition, connection and excitement within the local community,” Minister Jaensch said. 

During the consultation phase for the master plans of the school, a multitude of innovative ideas were put forth. These ideas have since been instrumental in shaping the foundation of potential concepts for school logos, effectively channelling community input into tangible visual representations. 

Residents of the Legana communities were generously invited to actively participate in this endeavour by providing feedback on the logo concepts. 

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