Janie Finlay; On the future of the Tamar River & being independent

Janie Finlay; On the future of the Tamar River & being independent

By Janie Finlay

DID YOU KNOW that THE Tamar River Estuary sits within the Rosevears electoral boundary? Unlike many other area boundaries, the entire river to the low tide mark of the opposite bank sits within the electorate. And for me that is exciting.

Janie Finlay on the Tamar River
Janie Finlay (Image: supplied)

Everyone has a connection to, and cares about the river in some way or another. We all have an opinion and a passion to see the river at its best.

Significant funds have been secured to support improvements in the upper reaches of the estuary system. Riparian fencing and tree planting and other small projects will be funded as part of the

Estuary Taskforce work. Significantly almost $100million has been committed to reducing the load on the network of treatment plants, which currently are seriously overloaded in high rainfall events, spilling untreated waste from the combined sewer and stormwater system into the River Tamar.

TasWater have also committed unprecedented funds towards the Launceston Sewerage Improvement Project (LSIP). Combined this sees almost half a billion dollars committed to improvements to our Tamar River Estuary. But we’ve seen and heard this all before.

As an Independent candidate in the up and coming election for the Legislative seat of Rosevears, I see the role of the Upper House as the essential checks and balances for such a monumental investment. I believe in this project and have the determination to ensure the funds are spent according to those commitments and that the priority outcomes of improving river health and public health are maintained.

The river connects us all. The Legislative council serves to protect all Tasmanians from rubber stamps and blatant opposition. As an Independent I want to see our river system thrive. So our kids can always fish off the pontoons. So any raw sewerage sills fall well below world’s best practice and, so our river can forever be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

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