Halloween Approaches

Halloween Approaches
Halloween Approaches
The lengths that some Americans go to for Halloween. (Photo: Anora Photography)

For most of us, Halloween is a fairly new concept in Australia and traditionally thought of as an American event.

As time goes on, Halloween in Australia gathers an ever-growing crowd of kids trick or treating, and having fun with costumes, and more and more households are choosing to participate in Trick or Treating, placing signs or balloons outside their house to show they’re open to visitors from the neighbourhood monsters (also known as children.)

The adoption of Halloween in Australia has sparked debate between locals however, with many of the opinion that this is a sign of becoming “Americanised” and giving companies yet another opportunity to commercialise a holiday.

For those worried about our society becoming more Americanised however, rest assured that the Australian version of Halloween still remains vastly different to the American version.

Speaking with Halloween Enthusiast Abrea Hamilton, aged 10, in Salt Lake City, Utah, we quickly learned that Halloween is taken extremely seriously in the USA.

Halloween Approaches
Abrea Hamilton, aged 10, from Salt Lake City, Utah. (Photo: Anora Photography)

Abrea, who spends up to 5 hours getting ready to go trick-or-treating, said that Halloween is fun and exciting.

“My favourite part of Halloween is decorating the house, dressing up and going trick-or-treating.”

When asked what Australians who don’t celebrate Halloween are missing out on, Abrea said the decorations are at the top of the list.

“The insane house decorations, costumes, music like ‘Pumpkinhead Harvey’ and of course, candy!”

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See Below – the incredible lengths that Americans go to for Halloween. (Photos: Anora Photography)

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