George Town the new Derby?

George Town the new Derby?

The prospect of a Mountain Bike complex in the Mount George area took another step forward in late 2018 with the release of the George Town Mountain Bike Feasibility Study. The study was completed by specialist trail consultants Dirt Art Pty Ltd. 

The study has been submitted to Council for their consideration who have made the study available to the public. The study proposes a total of 105.8km of bike tracks throughout the designated area’s surrounding the Mount George complex with the potential to be developed over a two stage construction process. 

Estimated costs for the project total $4,402,300 (ex GST). With the study released the Council has commenced deliberations on it’s findings. At the recent Council Meeting held on the 12 Dec 18, the acting General Manager, Mr Harry Galea, put to the council an Officers motion that a business plan be developed regarding the proposed track for presentation at the January Council Meeting. 

This would enable the commencement of community consultation. The motion also called on council to identify a list of project priorities for petitioning the federal government for funding in the upcoming federal election.

The motion was put and was not passed. Amendments to the motion included the putting forward of potential projects of priority that included 1. Dalrymple Road upgrades 2. The Glen Road upgrades 3. Main Street / Regent Square access and 4. The Mountain Bike Trail. These motions also failed to pass before a substantive motion was passed that a Business plan for the mountain bike trails will be commissioned and submitted at the January Council Meeting. This report will as far as possible enable the commencement of community consultation. 

George Town the new Derby?

Councillors will put forward their priority projects to advocate for funding during the federal election cycle by the next council meeting, and the money for the consultancy of the business plan be taking from savings achieved in recent council plant purchases.With the study now complete, and council moving to conduct a business analysis and community consultation, the prospect of the future mountain bike trail in the George Town Municipality has never been closer. It remains to be seen if council will vote to make the project it’s priority for petitioning for project funding during the federal election. 

Interested residents, groups and local business’s have commenced a petition that can be signed at participating business’s calling for the council to make the Mountain Bike Trail it’s priority project for funding requests. As the petition is ongoing, it is unknown at this stage how many signatures have been collected. 

Mountain bike tracks have contributed to a huge shift in tourism numbers in the Tasmanian North-East town of Derby which has gained world recognition the result for locals has been greater hospitality businesses opening in the township, more accommodation providers and land values drastically increasing. 

Tasmanian Tourism Fast Facts

– A total of 1.30 million people visisted Tasmania in the year end June 2018.

– Of the total 1.30 million, 645,000 visited Tasmania for a holiday. 

– 18,900 jobs in Tasmania are directly supported by tourism.

– 31% of all visitors to Tasmania during this period were visiting the state for the first time.

– The Tasmanian tourism industry is made up of about 1768 separate businesses.

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