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Tamar Valley News is locally owned & independent. By becoming a friend of Tamar Valley News not only are you supporting a local business, but you’ll also receive tonnes of benefits ranging from discounts at local businesses, through to access to premium content. 

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Key Member Benefits

Save Money

You could save hundreds by unlocking special deals and offers available to members only.

Save Money

Join today to unlock discounts and offers with a number of local businesses!
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Stay Informed

Get the Newspaper delivered directly to your mailbox each month, or choose to remain digital-only

Stay Informed

Sign up to make sure you never miss a copy! (Or stay digital-only if you prefer)
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More Content

Members also get access to premium content, including video interviews & written articles

More Content

Read and watch more with premium articles and video interviews
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Membership is only $59 per year (less than $5 per month)

All Benefits

In addition to supporting the Tamar Valley News, members also receive tonnes of benefits, including:

  • Discounts and special offers with a number of local businesses
  • Printed copy of the Newspaper mailed directly to you each month (optional)
  • Discounted Tamar Valley News Merchandise
  • Access to premium content including written articles and video interviews
  • Invitations to Member-only Events
  • Early access to selected content
  • Membership Card 

Membership is only $59 per year (less than $5 per month!) 

Friends of Tamar Valley News Membership Card

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