FOGO Extension – West Tamar Council

West Tamar Council Green Bin
West Tamar Council Green Bin

There are only a couple of weeks left until the bins start being delivered for the extended Food Organics, Garden Organics (FOGO) service which will begin in July 2022.

If you live in the urban areas of Grindelwald, Rosevears, Lanena, Blackwall, Gravelly Beach, Exeter, Beaconsfield and Beauty Point, make sure you register now:

The fortnightly collection costs $100/pa in 2021/2022 and is likely to cost the same in 2022/2023. This is an opt-in service so only those properties who register will be charged and receive a green lidded kerbside bin.

If you have any questions about FOGO, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page of our website here:

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