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Jubilee Bakery in Beaconsfield.
Jubilee Bakery in Beaconsfield

There are many businesses that personify community spirit, a kind of meeting place where people of all backgrounds and creeds can go to feel welcomed and appreciated, a place built on great service and trust with a proven product to match, one such place is Jubilee Bakery in Beaconsfield.

Now under new management, after the previous owners, the Hillier Family, made the difficult decision to sell up after running it successfully over many decades, the bakery continues to provide locals and visitors alike with warm hospitality and great service, providing delicious, very reasonably priced food and coffee to the community.

Established in 1887, the Jubilee is one of the oldest operating businesses in Tasmania, and a Bakery of only a handful left in this great State, that uses an old wood fired, heritage listed oven.

Jubilee Bakery is an important part of Beaconsfield history, and new Owner, Dwayne Hinds is not exactly new himself in the sense that he was baking there for more than 20 years before purchasing the business! Dwayne, one of the friendliest and most positive people you are likely to meet, is qualified as both a chef and baker and will be continuing to work hard, going the extra mile to produce quality food 6 days a week.

Dwayne, who starts his days during the small hours of the night and has a European style siesta late morning before returning to work in the afternoon, is in many ways a picture of that hard-working, blue-collar attitude that makes a country town tick. Dwayne typically works a 12–14-hour day, but he has zero complaints. Working his way up through the ranks and putting in the hard yards to eventually reach a position to acquire the business he loves. Dwayne’s story proves that hard work and loyalty pays off. His passion for the business and work ethic has no doubt flowed through to the rest of the team at Jubilee Bakery.

“We are super lucky to work here,” said Dwayne and “super lucky to have such incredible, caring staff.”

“Newly appointed ‘coffee queen’, Charlotte makes the meanest coffee in the region!” Complimenting the already established crew of Grant, Robin, Sarah and Ange. Add to that, Dwayne’s partner and ‘General McIver’ Karin, a Swiss National with a strong passion for her adopted home here in Northern Tasmania, there is little wonder that a visit to the Jubilee Bakery makes for a memorable meal and experience.

Jubilee Bakery is famous for its award-winning pies and sausage rolls, but also all other products, like a variety of bread and all sorts of cakes are baked daily fresh, straight out of the wood fired brick oven.

In his typical humble manner, Dwayne was quick to give credit to a few other well-known local people, “landlord Kerry Lux has been absolutely brilliant” said Dwayne, “next year there will be a further investment to improve the driveways.” Master bakers Jeffrey and Shane Garwood, who Dwayne served his earlier years under. “Jeffrey was hard but very fair.” Dwayne added affectionately.

“The Hillier family, in particular Michelle and Troy who we worked for to build this business up and of course our wonderful customers, who have made us who we are today.” It is a well-known fact among locals that the Bakery has won a number of state-wide awards.

As time slipped away from us, I asked Dwayne is there anything else he would like us to add “We couldn’t be any more local,” was his response, “we live in the town, love the town and are living the dream, and my daughter Chelsea is supporting us with her skills as a bookkeeper/relief shop girl, what more could one ask for, as to work with family.”

Jubilee Bakery is more than just a business, it has been a workplace for many people, a community hub, a piece of Beaconsfield and Tasmanian history, an icon, a treasure, and a place that has rode the storms and hard times and yet remains as strong as ever. Here’s to Dwayne and Karin and the team at Jubilee Bakery as they continue to demonstrate that where there is a great love and passion for something, success inevitably flows.

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