‘Disgraceful’ act of vandalism overcome by community spirit  

‘Disgraceful’ act of vandalism overcome by community spirit  

After a vandal took aim at a picnic table in Gravelly Beach, a group of locals have come together to restore the fixture, and in doing so, have highlighted the strengths of the local community.  

Chantelle Morrison, a Gravelly Beach resident, said the picnic table has been at Patricia’s Beach for 30 years, after originally being placed there by the ranger from Trevallyn.  

“The beach is well used by a few regular residents, & most of the local community” she said, “more so during the summer months we get people from afar, as I spend a lot of time there I’m talking with people from Launceston areas visiting to take in the beautiful scenery.”  

“The lady opposite the beach has lived there for 53 years now, Patricia Beams has maintained and looks after the conservation of the whole area there since her residency” she added.  

After posting to a community Facebook group, Chantelle was approached by multiple people to offer assistance, including the local Rotary club. Luckily, one offer of help came from local resident Herman Mills who offered to help restore it if Chantelle could source the materials needed. It was then that Chantelle paid a visit to Chris at Exeter Hardware, who without hesitation supplied them with the 13 lengths of treated pine timber, 26 bolts, nuts and washers required to restore the bench. 

Within days, the team had restored the fixture, including giving the frame a fresh coat of paint, and were able to celebrate together with other locals by enjoying champagne and nibbles from the newly restored picnic table.  

When asked if she had a message for the vandals, Chantelle said she hoped they were remorseful for what they’ve done.  

“To smash, wreck, trash & demolish the way they have, they should be utterly ashamed of themselves.” 

“The attitude and mindset of the perpetrator needs attention, the destructive behaviour is disgraceful. I hope they read your article & hang their head in shame” she added.  

Chantelle also expressed deep gratitude to Chris and the team at Exeter Hardware for supplying the materials needed, Herman Mills for doing the repair work, as well as to Sarah Dockrell from the West Tamar Rotary Club, and all the locals who were involved, adding that a plaque has been ordered to be fixed to the table, stating ‘This bench has been provided and maintained by the local community’.  

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