Discover the artisan wonderland: Launceston’s largest craft market returns 

Discover the artisan wonderland: Launceston's largest craft market returns 

Launceston’s largest craft market is back next month on the 1st of July, bringing with it the magical ambiance of The Tassie Makers Winter Festival. Event organisers Jim Gray, Toby Strochnetter and Ezra Davidson are keen to welcome everyone back to the local event, held quarterly at the Launceston Conference Centre’s Exhibition Hall. 

The eagerly anticipated event showcases the craftsmanship, and expertise used by the artisans that gather to showcase their talents while visitors flock to embrace the festival’s vibrant atmosphere, the market becomes a hub of artistic expression and community connection. 

“The Tassie Makers Festival is Launceston’s premiere craft market.” Said Jim Gray. 

“We showcase many talented craft artisans allowing them to showcase their products and sell them to the general public. Each event normally attracts around 3,000 people.” 

Mr. Gray revealed that the event was now in its 5th year and had grown to have 70 stallholders under one roof.  

“It’s also a great family event with live music, food, drinks and entertainment for the kids.” He added.  

From traditional crafts to modern interpretations, each stall showcases one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by the beauty of Tasmania. As you wander through the market, you’ll discover the attraction of handcrafted woodwork, pottery, mugs and so much more! The artisans’ skill and attention to detail are evident in every creation, making it difficult to resist taking home a unique memento of this local event.  

“I think what makes these festivals so special and unique is that each time it’s different. We have different makers and creators each time, different food and musicians, a different theme to even the same makers creating different products. It’s really a one-of-a-kind event you don’t want to miss.” Said Toby Strochnetter. 

“I guess that’s why people keep coming back to each festival as it’s not the same.” He added. 

Proud to be able to support local creators, Ezra Davidson added “I love the live music, each festival we like to showcase a different artist, with a new sound. It has been fantastic being able to support local talent and watch them grow!” 

“We try to get a large variety of foods at our festivals, and we love to be able to showcase the best food around Tasmania at our events. As a foodie myself, I love being able to support talented cooks and help them to gain exposure!” He said. 

“My favourite thing about these events is it’s supporting the local people of Tasmania and especially the Tamar Valley, the makers and small businesses. A lot of them are doing this as their full time or part time job, they rely on these markets for an income.” 

“I guess it adds a bit of stress to us, the event organisers, to do well and make sure we get thousands through the door. Each time we do there really isn’t a better feeling. There’s nothing quite like supporting your local community, and I guess this is one of the ways I like to give back,” Mr Strochnetter said.  

“Another thing I really like about these festivals/markets is that there isn’t much to do in terms of events in Launceston. Events in Launceston seemed to have died off during COVID and never really came back from it. It’s nice to be able to host a free event that everyone is welcome to, another way for you to enjoy your Saturday. Launceston needs more events like this.” Mr Strochnetter.  

Mr Gray even claiming, “We are the biggest and best.” 

As the festival returns on the 1st of July, visitors can embrace the warmth and charm of Tasmania’s winter season while experiencing a magical atmosphere, coupled with unique artisan creations, a connection with the creative community, indulging in local delights, and immersing themselves in the market’s diverse offerings to support talented creators. 

If you can’t attend the festival on the 1st of July, don’t worry! The next event is scheduled for the 16th of September. Additionally, you can also mark your calendar for the Christmas festival which is set to be held on the 2nd and 3rd of December, providing the perfect opportunity to complete your Christmas shopping if you haven’t already! 

To find out more details, you can follow the festival on their social media. 

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