Council to apply for lower speed limits on some roads

Council to apply for lower speed limits on some roads

The City of Launceston will apply to the State’s Transport Commissioner seeking to lower speed limits on some Launceston roads, following a unanimous decision at Council meeting held on the 1st June 2023.  

City of Launceston Acting Mayor Matthew Garwood said the Council had proposed the changes to improve road safety, improve roadside amenity and to achieve consistency in travel speeds. 

“We know many cities around Australia are exploring options for reducing speed limits where it’s appropriate to do so,” Cr Garwood said. 

“A realistic speed limit reflects the speed a motorist would expect to drive in a road environment based on the mix of traffic, the presence of pedestrians, the density of abutting development and the complexity of traffic movements. 

“Public consultation was undertaken on the proposal earlier this year, with the majority of those surveyed in favour of the proposal.” 

“The technical basis for the proposed speed limit reduction is supported by the Tasmanian Speed Zoning Guidelines.” 

“Additionally, organisations including Tasmania Police, the Road Safety Advisory Council, the Department of State Growth, the RACT, Metro Tasmania and the Tasmanian Transport Council have all indicated their support for the move.” 

“There are currently 20 urban arterial and collector roads in Launceston that have a 60kmh speed limit.” 

Five of these have been recommended for a reduction to 50kmh following the review, while a 40kmh speed limit is recommended for busier shopping and business areas in the Launceston CBD, Mowbray and Kings Meadows.” 

Under the proposal, speed limits would be reduced from 60kmh to 50kmh on: 

  • Bathurst Street, Launceston (Frankland Street to Brisbane Street) 
  • Wellington Street, Launceston (Cameron Street to Frankland Street) 
  • High Street, East Launceston (David Street to Arthur Street) 
  • Invermay Road, Invermay (Forster Street to Vermont Road) 
  • Newstead Shopping Zone (Elphin Road, Penquite Road and Hoblers Bridge Road) 

Speed limits would be reduced from 50km/h to 40km/h in the following areas: 

  • Launceston CBD (Brisbane Street, Cameron Street, Charles Street, George Street, Kingsway, Paterson Street and St John Street between Wellington Street and Tamar Street and York Street and Cimitiere Street) 
  • Hobart Road, Kings Meadows Shopping Zone (Riseley Street to Opossum Road) M 
  • Invermay Road, Mowbray (Vermont Road to Haig Street) 

The City of Launceston will now make a formal application to the State’s Transport Commissioner seeking approval to implement the changes. 

Should the Transport Commissioner approve the proposal, the City of Launceston will provide further information to the public on implementation — a process that is likely to take several months. 

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