Council moves to support those sleeping rough


The City of Launceston will begin the roll out of fully serviced portable toilets, portable shower units, bins and waste management services at designated locations across the city, to provide dignity to those sleeping rough.

Following discussions with members of Launceston’s homeless community at its most recent Council meeting, the City of Launceston has moved to implement a range of short-term assistance initiatives as winter approaches.

Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said the Council would also transition its existing Homelessness Response Committee to a formal Council Committee and had commenced an audit of Council-owned infrastructure to identify potential spaces for service providers to utilise in the provision of support initiatives.

“The City of Launceston is committed to playing a constructive role in the provision of short, medium and long-term solutions for the homeless community, in collaboration with other tiers of government and key stakeholders,” Mayor van Zetten said.

“In coming days the Council will also meet with the State Government to learn how the Council and the Government can collaborate to take action on this critical issue ahead of winter.

“I’m personally hopeful of seeing the State Government take steps — as it has in Hobart in recent years — to provide additional crisis beds for those sleeping rough, and to begin consideration of a dedicated crisis accommodation facility in Northern Tasmania.

“The City of Launceston has worked to source a range of temporary infrastructure for use by those sleeping rough, including portable toilets, shower units and rubbish bins.

“The roll-out will begin in key locations next week, and will continue over coming weeks.

“In addition, Council-managed public toilets in some areas will remain open overnight.

“Our immediate goal is to provide basic amenities to those who are sleeping rough, and to work with service providers to assist people to find permanent accommodation options.”

Launceston Deputy Mayor Danny Gibson said homelessness was a multidimensional challenge and all tiers of government had a role to play.

“I’m pleased the City of Launceston has been able to act quickly in response to the concerns of service providers and the homeless community to implement some short-term solutions,” Cr Gibson said.

“The equipment we will begin rolling out next week will provide a level of dignity to people sleeping rough as the City of Launceston continues to progress this issue with other tiers of government and key stakeholders.”

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