Could Legana become Tasmania’s next town?

Legana area
Legana area

With further extensions to Legana shopping centre recently announced and a wider range of commercial activities now possible at the nearby industrial estate, a new community sports precinct on the way with existing ones being upgraded, a brand-new primary school set to open in 2025, an impressive new boulevard with the capacity for street closures to host markets and other community events on the horizon, is it feasible that Legana could join Exeter, Beaconsfield and Beauty Point in the West Tamar and be given official town status in the not too distant future?

Widely regarded as Tasmania’s fastest growing suburb for much of the past decade, and expected to become a major regional centre, Legana was once a humble rural locality, famous for its apple orchards, dairy farms and cattle grazing. Unbeknown to some, the name Legana is also the name of an apparently delicious red apple grown in the area!

As more land is opened for residential development, the area is expected to continue growing with families and professionals alike finding the area ideal for its lifestyle and proximity to Launceston.

A river edge park has also been earmarked with improved walking tracks and eventually the boulevard area behind the shopping centre could be transformed further with increased lighting to allow for night markets or a summer evening stroll.

Would official ‘Town Status’ (still operating under the West Tamar municipality) be something that may give the area extra prestige or extra status or is it best just left alone? If it’s not broken don’t fix it some might say!

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