Chaos Within: A Journey Inside Invisible Illness

Chaos Within: A Journey Inside Invisible Illness

George Town is about to host an exhibition that delves into the depths of the human experience, shining a spotlight on the often-hidden world of invisible illness. The Chaos Within Exhibition, organized by Outer Cove Creative Inc (OCCI), it aims to foster awareness, conversation, acceptance, and understanding surrounding invisible illnesses and their impact on individuals and communities. 

“Whether it’s an autoimmune condition or, osteoarthritis, invisible illness can look so different. So, it’s about bringing conversation, supporting acceptance and an understanding around what invisible illness really is.” Said Rebecca Taylor, OCCI 

Outer Cove Creative is a small arts group based in Geroge Town, who do community projects and exhibitions.  

Inspiration for this exhibition came from the personal experience of one of its creators, who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2020. Through her own journey, she became connected with numerous individuals who shared their stories of living with invisible illnesses. 

“I had a community member at one of our exhibitions, say to me that they would really like an exhibition that had an impact and meaning behind it, brought to our town. So, I said OK, let’s do it and we created Chaos Within.” Rebecca Taylor 

As the first edition of Chaos Within, this exhibition marks a significant milestone for Outer Cove Creative. While they have been organising exhibitions for some time, this specific event focuses on invisible illness, making it a pioneering endeavour. With a strong member base expressing interest in participating, along with a growing number of artists from across Tasmania, the exhibition promises to be a vibrant celebration of artistic expression and resilience. 

“It’s not just people with invisible illness, it’s also about understanding the roles of carers, family members and friends that might have someone in their life with invisible illness, because I think that’s an important aspect as well. You know those people are impacted just as much sometimes as the person themself who are suffering from the invisible illness.” Rebecca Taylor. 

This inclusive approach acknowledges the importance of support systems and encourages a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by everyone involved. 

The Chaos Within Exhibition will be held at the Jim Mooney Gallery in the Memorial Hall, George Town. The dates to mark on your calendar are July 8th to July 23rd. Artists who wish to exhibit their work have until the end of June to submit their applications.  

The Chaos Within Exhibition is set to be a groundbreaking event that shines a light on the often-overlooked world of invisible illness. Through the power of art, it will foster understanding, spark conversations, and provide solace to those who have felt unseen and unheard. So, mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a journey into the chaos within, where creativity and resilience intersect in the most profound ways. 

To find out more about Outer Cove Creative Inc., you can find them on Facebook at 

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