Celebrating Youth Art and Happiness

Celebrating Youth Art and Happiness

The West Tamar Council’s Irene Phelps Youth Art Competition and Exhibition has returned in 2023, with the theme ‘Happiness’. 

Over 40 entries were received in 2022 and 200 members of the public attended the open day, voting for the People’s Choice Awards. This was the first event of its kind hosted by the West Tamar Council, and is now being held annually. 

This event is made possible by the generosity of the Irene Phelps Charitable Trust, which increases West Tamar Council’s capacity to support the youth of Beaconsfield and surrounding areas through a range of targeted initiatives. 

The trust specifically gives funds to Council to develop programs for students and youth aged 10-25 years who live in Beaconsfield and surrounding areas from Greens Beach to Exeter.  

Those eligible to enter the competition include students attending Exeter Primary School, Exeter High School, and Beaconsfield Primary School, as well as young people aged 16-25 living in the postcodes 7270, 7275 and 7276. 

Although this competition is only open to those who meet the Irene Phelps funding requirements, other young people in the West Tamar can use the equipment purchased by the Trust in 2022 which is installed at the Beaconsfield Community Hall, to host their own exhibition. 

“We look forward to once again hosting the Irene Phelps Youth Art Competition and Exhibition after it was so well received by the local community in 2022,” Mayor Christina Holmdahl said. 

“This year’s event will be held in early August as an indoor event for people to attend during winter on Thursday 3rd August 2023 from 6-9pm where the People’s Choice voting will take place”. 

Each Category will award 1st –3rd prizes, a Mayor’s award on behalf of Irene Phelps, and a People’s Choice award. There will be an external panel of judges who will select the winning entries based off a pre-determined points system. Entries close Thursday 27th July 2023. For further information about the Irene Phelps Art Competition and Exhibition, and the opportunity to host an exhibition, please visit: https://westtamaryouth.com.au/news/irenephelps-youth-art-competition 

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