Cataract Gorge pool opening delayed due to flooding

Cataract Gorge Flooded
Cataract Gorge Flooded

The City of Launceston typically aims to open the First Basin pool at the Cataract Gorge to the public on the November long weekend each year.

However, following recent flooding in the South Esk River, the opening of the pool has been delayed this year.

Council crews are waiting for continued high flows through the Cataract Gorge to recede before the pool can be drained and an assessment of its condition can be completed.

Debris or damage to the pool from floodwaters may necessitate repainting and repairs and this may extend the opening date out further.

The City of Launceston is hopeful the pool will be opened to the public before Christmas.

Launceston Mayor Danny Gibson asked for the community’s patience as Council officers work to have the pool opened over coming weeks.

“A visit to the First Basin pool is a much-loved Summer past-time in Launceston, but circumstances this year mean the opening will be delayed,” Mayor Gibson said.

“This is a challenge we’ve faced in the past — including in 2016 when the pool was flooded four times in the space of just a few months — and we had to undertake a number of maintenance and repair projects.

“We ask for the community’s patience over coming weeks as we ready the pool for opening, making sure that all equipment is operating correctly and that water quality standards are met.

“We know the First Basin pool is an extremely popular community swimming facility, and the City of Launceston will take all practical steps to have the pool opened as soon as possible.”

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