Caring for your animals this summer 

<strong>Caring for your animals this summer</strong> 
<strong>Caring for your animals this summer</strong> 

One of the best loved local businesses in the West Tamar is surely At the Feed Shed in Beaconsfield. Leah and Adam Turmine have run the business for almost 9 years, expanding the showroom to become one of the biggest and best pet stores in the region. It’s a classic, old-school pet store, selling a variety of products from pet and livestock food, accessories, and pets such as rabbits and birds. 

‘We did actually have the back section walled off,’ said Leah ‘initially we just used that area for storage of extra products, but now we’ve filled up the whole shed!’ 

The couple originally operated the business from home for a year before moving into the shop which has expanded over the years to become the business that it is today.  

‘We had the business about a year operating from home and that was solely a delivery service, finding this location allowed us to expand the range a lot more, it’s been awesome!’ Leah said. 

The business is also staffed by Suzie, Katie, Meegan and Penny. Their passion for animals is clear for all to see, just a quick glance on the business’s social media page shows that lost animals have been repatriated with their concerned owners thanks to their community-minded posts! For anyone who’s dog has ever escaped from a property this can be a very stressful time no doubt! The team here clearly love what they do, and it shows. 

With late summer fast approaching, I asked Leah what should pet owners be mindful of going into what is traditionally our hottest time of the year… 

‘Flea and tick season, obviously snakes are more prevalent in the hot weather, and have been known to bite dogs, cats even horses.’ When asked how best to reduce any such threat Leah added ‘keep your property as clean as possible, visibility is key so keep grass down as much as possible, watch your dogs or pets for any unusual behaviour, if they’ve been bitten obviously you have to act very fast. Cats are a little more resilient, but horses and dogs are much more vulnerable.’ 

One of Leah’s own cats was bitten by a snake but survived thanks to her quick action getting him to a vet. ‘He was in really rough shape he was at the vet for about a week and a half, we still had to feed and orally hydrate him when we got him back, he was on pain relief but was still unwell enough to eat and drink. Dynavyte micro-biome helped a lot, we gave him a dose and by the end of the day he was eating and drinking again and on the road to recovery. It’s a sensational product if I can give it a plug! It targets gut health which has a lot to do with the immune system.’ 

In terms of keeping your pets cool in the heat Leah said ‘make sure they have access to clean, cool water if you can, have your water in a shaded location if you can, or if you can’t I do recommend when it’s super-hot, freeze a block of ice and drop that in a bowl or dish. Keep an eye on your pets in the heat for any unusual behaviour, ticks are quite prevalent and there’s actually a tick anti-serum shortage so keep on top of your tick preventives like flea and tick collars or whether you use something like a spot-on treatment or a tablet. I myself prefer natural products, there’s a spray out there by Amazonia which offers protection without harsh chemicals.’  

‘Shade and shelter go a long way towards caring for your animals in summer.’  

And birds? ‘Birds love a spray!’ Said Leah ‘Just with a spray bottle they will love you for it! Even when it rains, they all get super-excited, they know it’s a natural time for them to go out and have a bath!  

If you can provide a shallow dish they’ll go and bathe themselves!’ ‘Birds are so much fun!’ Leah added. 

At the Feed Shed offers a delivery service each Wednesday and Thursday with deliveries to the West Tamar, East Tamar and Launceston area on alternate weeks. Please check their social media page or ring the store to find out which week they deliver to your area for any of your pet supply requirements. 

There is something truly encouraging about seeing people live out their dream and work in an environment that they love. At the Feed Shed in Beaconsfield is one such place, Leah and the team here clearly love what they do and going the extra mile for their customers is something they clearly cherish. 

At The Feed Shed are situated at 96 Weld Street, Beaconsfield, Tasmania. For orders and enquiries please call them on 0419 047 235. 

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