Cape Hope foundation invests $40K in Healthy George Town

Cape Hope Foundation invests $40k in Healthy George Town
Cape Hope Foundation invests $40k in Healthy George Town
George Town Mayor Greg Kieser and penny Hewitt from the Cape Hope Foundation stand with HGT participants and Providers. (Photo: Zac Lockhart)

The Cape Hope Foundation have partnered with George Town Council’s Healthy George Town (HGT) initiative for the next two years.

George Town Council’s Mayor Greg Kieser said “Council is thrilled that the Cape Hope Foundation have partnered with the Healthy George Town program, understandably so, given how successful it has been since its launch in October 2019.”

“We look at the adoption and uptake numbers from our community, and they are very compelling.”

“Aside from the obvious health benefits that the participants get, there is a profound community benefit that brings everyone together.”

“We are very grateful for the assistance both from the state government, as well as the Cape Hope Foundation for allowing us to extend the program for a further two years.”

“I was fortunate enough to actually be part of one of the programs called healthy bikes, where myself and Paul and Jenny Butler actually repaired the youth and the communities bicycles so that they could get out there and use their bikes, and that was just incredibly rewarding.” Said Mayor Kieser

The Foundation will contribute a total of $40,000 to the program.  These funds will be in addition to the $194,945 grant funds received from State Government’s Healthy Tasmania Fund. The additional funds will assist in the delivery of the Healthy GT program over the next 2 years.

Penny Hewitt from the Cape Hope Foundation said they were delighted to be supporting the program.

“The Cape Hope Foundation supports local charities and this really resonated with us, our ethos has always been giving communities or organisations a hand up not a hand out, and seeing what’s happening here with all the classes is an example of everyone getting out and helping themselves, which is what we’re all about.”

The Cape Hope Foundation were eager to partner with the Healthy George Town initiative given the success of the initial 2019/20 program, ensuring that program continued into the future.

•             Delivery of 91 FREE sessions
•             1234 hours of activities
•             1162 people attended aged 6-89 (with an average age of 42 years) 7 endorsed Healthy George Town service providers
•             Utilised 7 council and commercial venues

Healthy George Town is an evidence-based, community-wide, sustainable health and wellbeing project.  The program aims to create a safe, connected, vibrant, healthy and positive community.  And best of all, it’s FREE to all residents!  HGT partners with community organisations, local providers and health professionals to facilitate and deliver a broad range of activities to the local and broader George Town municipal area.

Tomas McIntee, the Assistant Community Officer at George Town Council said the main benefits of being active in the community were plentiful.

“There’s obviously the physical side of all the classes that we run, and also the mental side, especially as we are still going through the COVID period.”

Wendy Perry, who has participated in the program over the past year said her favourite parts of participating in the Healthy George Town program was meeting other people and getting out of the house, enjoying the fresh air.

“I’ll keep going for as long as it runs, and I might do a couple of the other classes too, the Tai Chi and the Yoga one.” Said Wendy.

The Free Spring/Summer program offers the following sessions:

•             Healthy Mountain bikes
•             Healthy Dance
•             Healthy Yoga
•             Healthy Minds
•             Healthy Boxing
•             Healthy Tai Chi
•             Healthy Parks
•             Healthy Armchairs

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