Batman Bridge to undergo maintenance

Batman Bridge to undergo maintenance

At over 50 years old, the Batman Bridge continues to stand tall, but time continues to take its toll, leaving the bridge looking very sad and dreary in recent years. 

The Department of State Growth is continuing to paint the Batman Bridge to protect and prolong the useful life of this iconic asset that has been connecting the East and West Tamar for over half a century. 

The lower support beams were painted in mid-2022, however its not time to pain the large A-frame of the bridge. 

Years of exposure to the elements and the passage of countless commuters and vehicles have inevitably left their mark on the bridge’s appearance. Fading paint and signs of wear have been evident, prompting city officials to embark on this crucial restoration journey. 

The much-needed maintenance is set to take place over the next 8 months and motorists can expect reduced speed limits and lane closures during the working hours of 7am to 6pm. 

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