A Night of Food and Entertainment: Dinner and a Movie 

A Night of Food and Entertainment: Dinner and a Movie 

If you’re the type that’s into watching the TV while snacking or eating dinner, then the latest event to hit the streets of Launceston may resonate with you. Better yet, if you just enjoy switching up your routine and want to give it a fun twist, you can’t go wrong with live entertainment and food, right? 

A new exciting, event has hit the local community with great success. If you haven’t already caught on, it involves a dinner and a movie. Curious about the details? 

Event organiser, Mr Watts clarifies, “So dinner and a movie is a free community event. It’s based around live entertainment and food starting from 4:30 on the third Friday of each month, at which time we will show a film after sunset.”  

For everyone’s comfort, there will be some changes to the event depending on the season. Mr Watts explained for wintertime, he planned to start the movies at 6.30 PM, whilst in the summertime the movie would be set to start around 8-8.30 PM.  

Obviously, whatever you’re watching is important regardless of it being a free event. “We like to show relatively family friendly movies. We’re not showing kids movies. We’re not focusing on documentaries or anything. This is purely for entertainment, and we try to have some quality films.” 

Even better, if you want to celebrate your holidays, Dinner and a Movie has got you covered. “We do try to find some themes here and there. If we can, in October close to Halloween, we might show a zombie movie or something, or times will start a little bit later.” 

“Everybody’s seen Forrest Gump and Titanic. Yeah, not that. We’ll never do that.” The past films showcased were The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Peanut Butter Falcon, both of which reportedly having great feedback from the public for the event.  

If you’re a foodie, you’re in for a treat. There’ll be a variety of foods to satisfy your hunger, as well as beverages. “We have 9 stalls all together. One is selling beer and one is selling wine. So that leaves us seven for food. We typically try to run about two dessert, and then five sorts of mains and snacks in a variety of things. So, for instance, this past month here in April, we had some classic burgers and chips. We had some American style barbecue, and then we had, like Mai Tai doing Thai food, to the Himalayas bringing in their dumplings and curries.” Mr Watts says. 

All of that sounds delicious, doesn’t it? However, it also matters where you’re sitting as you’re watching a great movie with some tasty food. If you like to be cosy while watching a movie, this event has got you covered! With the use of council chairs and tables, as well as umbrellas, there’s plenty of space to sit and enjoy the movie, and if you need any more enticement, there’s plans of adding bean bags or lounge chairs.   

When asked how many people attend the event, Mr Watts replied, “the whole area is headed for 1500 if I recall correctly. We had about 300 through the door on our first event and a little over 370 on this past.”   

When asked about what gave Mr Watts the idea to start this event, he replied, “We have seen some previous events such as the Launceston night market and they’ve had a good turnout. I guess some things have happened where they’ve really slacked off recently, and Launceston doesn’t have that much night time stuff, especially through the wintertime, as far as events go.” He continued, “So, we thought it was a great opportunity to bring in the film and the music, we can cater towards two different crowds and a lot of people just love both of those.” 

Future plans of the event seem to be exciting and are sure to be filled with a whole heap of entertainment. Mr Watts goes over what may be in store later, “Doing the themed events and really trying to get that going. Working with other organisations you know, maybe having a dance group theme. Inviting all our local martial arts groups, there’s some armoured combat groups, you know get our Knights out here in the armour and their swords and things, doing some demonstrations, playing some theme background music. I don’t know, we can show something like the gladiator or whatever.”   

“We are looking for a lot of the community feedback to see what kind of things they’re enjoying as well before we make any final decisions.”  

When asked why the local people of the Tamar Valley should attend the event, Mr Watts responded, “I guess just a great variety of food. It’s the start of a weekend. We didn’t think there would be a much better way to start off your weekend. Coming right here to downtown, surrounded in the beautiful square, what more can you ask for? The foods the entertainment, have yourself a beer if you like, watch a movie. Have a chat, make some new friends. Bring your blanket and a friend.” 

After carefully considering his argument, it’s hard not to agree with him. 

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