A Day at Greens Beach

Owner of the Greens Beach shop
Owner of the Greens Beach shop
Greens Beach shop owner Neville Stewart (PHOTO: Phillip Ragan)

It was a beautiful, wind­swept afternoon as I pulled into Greens Beach to write this story recently.

The Greens Beach general store, busy as always on a Thursday in late Spring, has been a fixture in the town, serving freshly cooked food, coffee, and a large variety of other shopping require­ments.

Owners Neville and Sharon who have owned and managed the business since February 2005 were quick to put on the record that though the business is on the market to the right buyer with the right vision, they are not going anywhere anytime soon, (contrary to some rumours doing the rounds up this way!) and plan to stay in Greens Beach even after the business is sold.

The township is thriving at the moment, even an informal chat with Neville seemed a challenge with customers consistently rolling in. ‘The tourists are coming back big time,’ said Neville, who advised me to go up to Ocean View Drive to get the best views of the beach.

‘The town is busy almost all year round these days and is not as seasonal as it used to be’, explained Neville who described Greens Beach as ‘the Jewel in the Crown’ of the Tamar Valley area!

This Christmas season is expected to be busier than ever with new Caravan Park manager, Dean a social me­dia expert, reaching more and more potential tourists through a busy marketing campaign.

The third major business in town is the popular Greens Beach Golf Course, which as Neville explains, is open to the general public all year round and the club is great for a meal or drink or to watch some live sport on the big screen even to those not interested in golf.

Famous for its beautiful beach, views to Low Head and rugged coastline, Greens Beach has an excel­lent coastal walking track, a major access point to Narawntapu National Park with an easy walk to the West Head lookout making for spectacular clifftop views westwards.

Tennis, fishing, boating and swimming are some of the activities on offer here or just relax, slow down enjoy an ice-cream, read a book or take a walk along the shore­line. Greens Beach remains a place to escape the daily grind!

Greens Beach drew state-wide attention thanks to Hobart based artist David Keeling, who won two Glov­er Awards for his Coastal Track paintings; 45 minute walk-Narawntapu in 2006 and Lowtide, Soft Breeze in 2016. The celebrated, landscape artist has strong ties to the area, with his wife’s family home in nearby Kelso.

For this writer who grew up never too far from a beach in Western Australia, Greens Beach brings back memories of unspoiled beaches, country and coastal life in Southwest W.A. before a once in a hundred-year mining boom meant many of those seaside towns were fur­ther ‘developed’ and lost much of their outstanding charm. Greens Beach is no such place, still somewhere special where you can slow down and appreciate great natural beauty. It no doubt has some growth ahead, but for the time being at least, Greens Beach remains a throwback to life by the sea in regional Australia.

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