West Tamar Launch Youth Plan

Over the course of the 2019 year the West Tamar Council has surveyed young residents of the municipality to provide activities, programs, facilities and priorities which form the basis of the 2020-2022 West Tamar Youth strategy.
The report provides a number of keyfindings relating to the perceptions,values and future opportunities of young residents. The main issuesidentified in the survey include bully-ing at 54.6%, 49.5% mental health,49.4% smoking, 46.8% drug and alcohol and 41.2% online safety. “The West Tamar Council under- stands the importance of the engag- ing young people as they play a vital role in our community. We endeavour to work with them in a meaningful way to build shared understand- ings, promote inclusion and provide opportunities for them to realise their potential.” Said Mayor Holmdahl

A total of 951 young residents partic- ipated in the survey with the assis- tance of local schools.
The West Tamar Council run a range of initiatives which are designed to support youth of the municipality including a school holidays program which is open to people aged 10 to16 years, Beaconsfield Youth andCommunity Festival that is designed to provide free activities and bring all youth together, and school based training regarding being party safe, online safety and leadership.
The West Tamar Youth Advisory Council are a committee of young members of the community aged
12 to 25 who work with West TamarCouncil to improve council strate- gies which impact the lives of young community members. Membership is open to anyone in the youth demo- graphic by contacting West Tamar Council.

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